We have a no-limit approach to our way of thinking.

Technology can only be taken as far as an innovator’s vision, and for that reason, we believe that the possibilities are limitless.

Making dreams real.

We realize that technology can only be taken as far as people push it, and for that reason, we believe that the possibilities are limitless.

We are proud of the projects we have been a part of, and look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead. The mere fact that there is a circuit board in almost everything we use in our daily lives, has us constantly seeing potential in our future and how technology is shaping the world we live in.

KS Circuits is involved in cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas from some of the world’s best engineers. We work hand-in-hand with students, supporting them in their schooling, knowing that one day, they will be doing their part in shaping the world.

An innovative idea, coupled with passion for the task at hand is what keeps us invested. We thrive on the vast variety of projects that we are involved with and every day brings in something new and exciting from all over the world. Nothing excites us more than to consult with a client and understand the project, its goals and objectives, and to know exactly what this cicruit board needs to do and what the expected results are. Custom tailoring our boards to meet the your specific requirements is what we do best!

An extension of your team.

At KS, you speak directly to your representative. That’s right, YOUR representative. You will have consultations each step of the way, so that a full understanding of the scope of the project is understood and accounted for in the development of the circuit board.

Once we know and understand the project and the expectations put on it, we often find opportunities to either improve quality or save money. We know ways to optimize the project in your best interest without sacrificing quality. We are so honoured that you trust us with such an important part of your project that we cannot let you down.

We truly treat your project as if it were our own, with your best interest at heart. Your loyalty is worth more than anything to us. That is why we want you to think of KS as an extension of your office, where the people building your circuit board are truly part of your team. Your goals become our goals.

At our core.

At KS we have 5 core values that ring true through everything we do. When working with KS, know that these core values are being exercised on all levels of development, from the initial point of contact to the follow-up conversations months after the boards have been released.

They are as follows:

Treat our clients with only the highest level of respect

Study, analyze, re-design — never sacrificing quality

Tackle each project as if it were our own, proving our reputation

Focus on the relationship first and circuit board second.

Have fun! No one benefits if we are not enjoying what we do.

Why do we do it?

There is never a more pleasing reward than to hear back from our satisfied customers. Our ultimate goal on every project is to make our clients advocates for KS Circuits. Finishing each project for a happy client who has nothing but great things to say about us is the core of our entire marketing plan. We believe that satisfaction is created when we exceed expectations on every level.

The reward is in our clients' satisfaction.

We are so grateful to Kajen and the entire team at KS Circuits for the commitment and dedication that they have provided to EMOTIV in delivering our new product, Insight. They worked diligently like a core member of our team for months to ensure that we could deliver an uncompromising, high quality, innovative product that sets a new industry standard. We couldn’t be more happy with the collaboration and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.


Sinclair Technologies has been dealing with KS Circuits since October 2013. We came upon KS Circuits at a time when we were in some trouble with offshore poor quality circuit boards and KS Circuits was able to step in a seamless transition which enabled us to continue supplying our customer with quality parts. Since that time our relationship with KS Circuits has grown to replace other circuit board manufactures with increased quality and cost savings. KS Circuits is also helping our engineers with material selection and design advise.​

Aldo Vega, Sr.BuyerSinclair Technologies

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