Empowering you to change the world.

From the start of life to the end of life, technology is present. It surrounds us. I want to help make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s in the name.

KS proudly stands for Kajen Selva.
I want to own and operate a business I can proudly attach my name to. This is my way of taking personal responsibility over the operations and showing my commitment to the business and to our clients.

Nothing leaves our factories without it personally attaching itself to my reputation. That translates into impeccable precision and the highest of quality.

KS Circuits is my complete focus. I live and breathe my business and the industry as a whole. I am fully devoted to making my clients’ ideas come to life. If there is a way to make it happen, our team will be the ones to do just that. I personally become attached to your project and my goal every time is to deliver the best results without sacrificing quality or workmanship.

At the end of the day, KS is not just selling circuit boards.
We  are building relationships.
We are joining forces.
We are leading the way.
We are making change happen.

Kajen’s Story

When Kajen dropped out of medical school after three years, he had a lot to prove to his friends and family – and especially to himself.

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, his parents immigrated to Canada in the 90’s in the hope that they could build a better future for their children. Raising Kajen and his sister Priya in Toronto, Ontario, they did their best to give their children the life and opportunities that they themselves had not been offered. When Kajen was accepted into medical school to become a doctor, they saw it as a dream come true.

Throughout his school years, Kajen could not shake the feeling that he would be better off on the technology development side of medicine rather than at the mercy of the technology on the practicing side. Everywhere Kajen looked, he knew a circuit board was being used to run the technology. As he learned the technology of the trade, his entrepreneurial spirit had the strong desire to take and improve upon it.

After his first year at the Kasturba Medical School, Kajen realized that he had the ability to save lives through technology. He learned that doctors today heavily rely on medical technology, and the field is constantly growing. Kajen knew that he had the potential and skill required to help the medical world to save thousands of lives.

From that point on, he embraced his dream to own and operate KS Circuits and they opened their facility to all forms of innovative ideas. The medical industry is one of Kajen’s passions, but he does not work exclusively in that market. The truth is that circuit board technology is making a difference in all aspects of life and his genuine need to help people is being satisfied daily, through his work relationships and innovative projects.

As for Kajen’s parents, it did not take them long to realize he had made a brilliant choice. They are more than proud of his direction in life and the way that he continues to make a difference in the lives around him.

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