Working hand in hand with the world’s best minds.

An innovative idea coupled with passion for the task at hand is what keeps us invested.

Our consulting services.

We thrive on the vast variety of projects that we are involved with. Every day brings in something new and exciting from all over the world. Nothing excites us more than to consult with a client and learn about our their goals and objectives and to know and understand exactly what results they are expecting from our circuit board technology.

General Consulting

Let’s get to known each other! Tell us your story and we will tell you ours over a hot cup of coffee. This is where we get to know all about you: your company, your projects and the big picture. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything.

Intellectual Property Consulting

At this point we have met you, know you and your company, and understand your project. Before we can proceed any further we need to make sure that the technology we are trying to build is not already out there and protected by another person or company. We would not want you to invest your time and money into research and development only to find that someone else has already made the same thing.

Research & Development Consulting

We have established that your idea can be made a realitynow we can talk about the R&D cost, time frame, and other requirements.

Product Consulting

Creating a product is not enoughand we understand thatso we have decided to provide our valued clients with product consulting, where we are able to see the product’s potential and prepare a plan for distribution.

The reward is in our clients' satisfaction.

We are so grateful to Kajen and the entire team at KS Circuits for the commitment and dedication that they have provided to EMOTIV in delivering our new product, Insight. They worked diligently like a core member of our team for months to ensure that we could deliver an uncompromising, high quality, innovative product that sets a new industry standard. We couldn’t be more happy with the collaboration and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.


Sinclair Technologies has been dealing with KS Circuits since October 2013. We came upon KS Circuits at a time when we were in some trouble with offshore poor quality circuit boards and KS Circuits was able to step in a seamless transition which enabled us to continue supplying our customer with quality parts. Since that time our relationship with KS Circuits has grown to replace other circuit board manufactures with increased quality and cost savings. KS Circuits is also helping our engineers with material selection and design advise.​

Aldo Vega, Sr.BuyerSinclair Technologies

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